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Anything you Want

December 29, 2021

One book that I find to be a hidden gem among the entrepreneurship literature is Anything You Want: 40 lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur, by Derek Sivers. It's a really short read and it's well worth the time.

Derek Sivers is clearly an entrepreneur driven by mission. He started a business because it was needed. His main focus was simply to serve the customers well. Something doesn't need to be big for it to be a great success. Your customers don't care about how big your business is. They care about getting a good product. Derek started by helping his friends solve a problem, and as it turned out that more people had the same problem, the business grew. Even if your company isn't huge, it can still be a tremendous success. It is a success if the values of the founders are realized through the business.

A mission drive is a fine motivation for entrepreneurship. For some inspiration to start with that, I'd highly recommend picking up this book.