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October 13, 2021

When you're building something for the first time, nobody knows exactly what will work. The world is complicated and every market is different. All lessons learned from previous experience only work in very specific domains. They come from another time. Therefore, when you're building something new, you shouldn't expect anyone else to have the answers for you.

Regardless of the confidence they may convey, this also goes for the lessons from the investors who sit on your board. It's a bad sign when the board is calling the shots on things like product roadmap, because they are typically far away from the customer.

What you can do is ask for perspectives - solutions that have worked before, and see if this might change your thinking. However, both founders and board members do well in realizing that the only ones who should be making the final decisions on things like product and marketing are the founders themselves, as they are the ones who are truly connected to the ground.