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September 9, 2021

One of my views that has gradually shifted through life is on the subject of nature vs. nurture, i.e. if you are born with a certain skill or if it's something you learn. My view on this in skill after skill has shifted from the former to the latter. More often than not, I believe that skills can be learned. One example of this is generosity. As with many things, the language that is used easily leads to misconceptions. Saying that someone is "a generous person" implies a certain invariability. However, I believe that it is a skill to identify opportunities to be generous and it is a skill to pursue them. Sometimes I miss an opportunity to be generous when I have the chance and realize it when it's too late. Sometimes I see an opportunity to be a generous person, but I can't pursue it, usually because I'm thinking "that's silly" or "the person won't want that" or "it's going to cost me too much". But sometimes I manage to see the opportunity and also to pursue it. I practice this every day, and as with anything that you practice every day, I feel that I'm slowly getting better at seeing the opportunities and pursuing them. When I miss the opportunities, which happens quite frequently, I'm not too hard on myself about it. As with anything you're learning, when you fail, you just have to try again tomorrow until you get it right. The important thing is to keep trying.