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Grocery Shopping

September 22, 2021

E-commerce growth in Q2 2020 in Sweden was through the roof. People started staying at home in March and turned to buying things online. E-commerce growth shot up to 50% in Q2 compared to the same quarter the previous year. In Q2 2021 it has not receeded.

Many people who had never shopped groceries online had to do so for the first time. COVID forced people to change their behavior. If they like what they had to do they'll continue and otherwise, they'll go back.

In Q2 2019, out of people aged 65-79, when asked, only 9% had shopped groceries online in the past 30 days. In Q2 2020, this number spiked to 27%, only to recede to 22% in Q2 2021. Clearly, some of the people aged 65-79 missed going to the store to pick up their groceries and have started going back in Q2 2021, as they started to get vaccinated. But many kept buying their food online.

Now, look at the 30-49 age group. In Q2 2019 17% had shopped groceries online in the past year. In the same quarter 2020 it had spiked to 24%, and in Q2 2021 it was 26%. People in this age group have yet to return to the grocery store.

Maybe this difference can be accounted for by people behaving differently because of vaccination patterns in certain age groups, as the older people were vaccinated first.

But maybe, these 30-49 year olds have been forced to turn to certain behavior and have now discovered that it was more convenient. I don't think these people are ever going back to the grocery store. We'll see when the Q3 and Q4 data comes.

The data is from a report on Swedish e-commerce released yesterday. If you read swedish, you can download it here: