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Marcus Aurelius

September 10, 2021

I usually agree with Marcus Aurelius. Here's one of the few quotes that I don't agree with: Be tolerant with others and strict with yourself. - Marcus Aurelius I don't agree with this quote. While I agree that one should be tolerant with others, I don't think one should be too strict with oneself either. People can be quite hard on themselves in a counterproductive way. When I speak to friends and colleagues I can hear that they are regretting things and that these things are clearly weighing them down. I used to be quite tough on myself, spending a lot of time thinking about various mistakes I've made. For me, this is usually in interactions with other humans or with work-related things. But I've tried to tone this down lately. Instead, I talk to myself as I would have spoken to a good friend. A similar situation will probably come again, and that time I will get a new opportunity to try and do better.