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Perfect is the Enemy of Good

September 19, 2021

As you might have seen, my blog is not perfect at this stage. I don't think the design is close to perfect and there are many missing features. It feels quite buggy and I'm not really sure how it looks on all devices. The e-mail subscription could look way nicer, bot the signup and the e-mail itself.

Regardless, I'm stoked that it is up and running. I've been thinking about starting a blog for some time and now it's up. It also feels good that it's not hosted by a third-party blog provider, so it's all under my control. The parts that are broken will come together when I have time. Right now though, I'm happy that it's up. I'm particularly happy that the subscribe function now works and that people are starting to sign up to get the content in their inbox.

I'm happy to take all suggestions for improvement, please reach out on twitter or to fremolian@fremolian.com if you have any thoughts.