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September 16, 2021

With many things, the hard part is not identifying what the right thing to do is. It is doing it.

One of those things is embarking on a journey of entrepreneurship. Many have an itching feeling that they want to build something and solve a meaningful problem. However, getting starting with entrepreneurship can be particularly tough as the first few years are often the hardest. Maybe you're bootstrapping for a while, which means that you can't take out a meaningful salary for your hard work.

This is why I feel optimistic about the new paths to entrepreneurship that are emerging. Programs such as Antler and others are lowering the barriers to entrepreneurship, and people who wouldn't otherwise have begun are starting. In particular, it means that you no longer have to have large savings to live off in order to start a company, making entrepreneurship an option for everyone.

I hope that we will see more such programs popping up - time will tell what the best ways to run programs of this type are.